Friday, November 21, 2014

Third Anniversary Post

Well friends, its been three whole years since I began this blog. Time goes by so fast. Many believers in Jesus Christ who've been fellow-shipping in an Institutional  'Church' environment have either come out of the Great Whore or are questioning the validity of man's main stream creation. Many have settled in nicely into Christ's model for Biblical house church and are thriving. We've met many new folks along the way and encountered new challenges as well. All have been blessings in one fashion or another. All credit and thanks belong to the Lord of Hosts, Jesus Christ of the Bible.

Of course not all are happy with these results. There are still many more who are reluctant to forsake what they perceive to be God's 'Church' and it's organizational business entity format. Those who reject the message of this blog have their reasons, I'm sure. That's okay though...I don't consider myself as being rejected. In contrast, I consider myself to be in good company. Jesus, Peter, Paul and others have taken a much greater stance for Biblical church and they were not well received among the 'Church' establishment either.

So, on we go with this message of liberation from man's made-up contraption labeled 'Church.' Although aimed specifically at believers within a corrupted system, we hope that the lost 'Church' member will also have the scales fall from their eyes and see that Jesus didn't create an organizational model for His church. He created a living organism. My hope, as always, is that those within the matrix of traditional Institutional 'Church' will discover the freedom and liberty in Christ's authentic, non-taxable fellowship. Also, that they may influence others to see these truths, which are declared in Scripture.  

As believers in Christ, we should remember to alter our own personal doctrines to line up with what the Bible says, instead of altering Scripture to line up with our own doctrines; specifically the false doctrines of income tithing, paid clergy and Institutional 'Church' organizations.

To someone visiting for the first time, I'd like to say that for the past three years I have endeavored to be a voice exposing the corrupt nature of organized religion from many different angles. I am still hopeful in striking a cord with many more of those who are seeking freedom from religious tyranny and deception. I wish the reader nothing more than illumination; that they gain a sense of their surroundings and where God wishes them to be. Inside this blog are over ninety articles which, will answer many unspoken questions about the whys and hows of both models of church. Are we supposed to be a business entity collecting money for Properties, Professionals, Programs and Projects, or a debt free, local, physical gathering of believers in homes that see's Jesus as their Head? 

Here's hoping that what you'll see is this: the Institutional 'Church' today is a Product of evolution. Evolution is simply a belief system. So, the question is: do we believe in man's belief for what a 'Church' should be, or God's? For me, the answer is simple: Christ is the Architect of a body of believers who follow His guidelines for what a church is. As I've said many times before, church isn't a 'Thing.' It's who we are. We oppress no one through extortion or intimidation. Christ doesn't try and influence us through religious show business or so-called para-'Church' ministries. He influences us through the power of His Word and the teaching of His Spirit. Let's take a good look into His Word and see the contrasts between man made religion and His. Thanksgiving is just a week away. and I am very thankful that God has guided so many out of man's fabricated 'Church' through the use of this blog. I am also thankful for all those who have been such a blessing to me these last three years. Blessings to you all.


  1. Hey Bobbie, I just read your blog and comments you made to David Parton's blog and I agree 100%. I have quit looking for a good organic body, because every church I visited fits the pattern you rail against. I am 68 and born again since 1982. Anyhow, about 25 years ago I began writing a book with a focus of addressing what I think you are saying in all your posts ( I haven't read them yet, but the titles reveal I may be right).
    One day I read all the pages and outlines I wrote thus far and decided to quit. I concluded it was all way too negative that even I couldn't get thru it!! You seem to be addressing everything.
    What I see now, finally, is that all the digs about the "church" address only the symptoms of the real problem, which can be summed up in one word, idolatry, but must be explained by saying that the Holy Spirit, the Lord connected us with, has been either put on the shelf, marginalized or distorted by others. Essentially, we fail to be in constant contact with the member of the Trinity whose job is to guide us. By following our own agendas, or that of others, we commit idolatry. We bow down to other gods.
    Deep down true follower see what He prompts us to do or not do in the small steps of the journeys He puts us on. We only need to listen and obey. If we make a misstep He shows us and we always are able to make corrections.
    Our obedience to the small steps lead to greater steps we are prompted to go.
    Taking the time to write you is a big step for me. Not to go to one of those institutional churches this morning was a big step that started a few years ago and the Lord confirmed many times that that was His will for me. Better to spend the time in prayer, seeking direction.

  2. Hi Willie,

    Thank you for your comment. Although I'm not sure who David Parton or his blog is, I am glad that whatever I wrote helped you in some way. I haven't been on another's blog in quite some time, so I'm not quite sure what that might have been.

    That aside, you're correct about the Institute's way of doing things as a whole. Idolatry is a large factor. The Institute has put men, programs and buildings ahead of God. Why? Because it's become a business. That's the idol. In the average Christian's walk, the Holy Spirit is left out of the decision making process because the believer is too busy going to their pastors for advise on every little thing. To me, that is akin to a hypochondriac depending on their doctor for every little sniffle and itch.

    We do need to listen, obey and take the steps Christ and His Holy Spirit has directed. There's no doubt about that. In any event, I pray that the Holy Spirit guides your steps (large or small) in the coming months so that you may arrive at the destination He would want you to be.

    ~Many blessings and thanks for visiting.

    ~Bro. Bobby