Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Full and Part-Time Christian Service

Luke 9:1-6, "Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. 2 And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. 3 And he said unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, nor scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece. 4 And whatsoever house ye enter into, there abide, and thence depart. 5 And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them. 6 And they departed, and went through the towns, preaching the gospel, and healing every where."

Luke 22:35-38, "And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing. 36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. 37 For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end. 38 And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough."

*Note: When the word 'Church' is rendered in all capital letters as shown here, it is referring to man's business entity, Institutional 'Church' system. When the word church is rendered in all lower case, it is referring to Christ's Authentic, Biblical assemblies, which He founded and continues to build.

 Honest Intentions

Today I celebrate my thirty third year of being a child of God. Praise the LORD! I'd like the reader to know that I am as sincere today as I was on that day as I unveil this next truth. Please know that I mean no ill will towards anyone reading this and my intentions are just as sincere as yours in serving our Lord. Here goes...

What is meant by the term, "Full and Part-time Christian Service?' It is increasingly obvious to me that it has become an artificial and overused term. When all of the fanfare is shoved aside, all this term does is describe a career choice for devout Christians who want to make a living within known Christendom Servitude guidelines. I didn't say, guidelines as shown in the Word of God, but Christian Servitude guidelines. As we'll see later on, the two are diametrically opposed. I'll expound on this in a few moments, but for now, I want to explore the mind-set of many in the field of Full or Part-Time Christian Service.

I'm sure that most everyone in this industry (and yes, it IS an industry) has questioned whether or not it is ethical to receive pay for doing a work described in the Bible as a ministry for free. To some in fundamentalism, "Full or Part-Time Christian Service" is the common term used to identify those who educate others in the ways of Christianity. But, isn't that the duty and reasonable service for all Christians? Isn't that what God's Word teaches? Where did the divide of being a free ministry as a natural and daily part of our lives, versus being paid a living for showing up as a full or part-time job with the label of Christianity begin? "Ooo! Ooo! I know! The Bible never did make that distinction. The serving our Lord to make a living concept didn't come from the Bible." Well, if it didn't come from the Bible, then where did it come from? That brazen question requires a subtle answer, so please be patient as I unfold the answer in a way one who is in Full or Part-Time Christian Service can digest easily. This is, after all a delicate matter to consider and not easily accepted. That being said, let's move on.

A full or part-time Cristian servant's focus seems a broad term, but it can be narrowed and well defined as to where and how they would serve. To them, their vocation is clear and sincere. If one aspires to be a Full-time Christian Servant, he or she aspires to be an ambassador for Christ in his or her given field of expertise. But, it's viewed as much more than that. When we think of a Full-time Christian Servant, we think of those on the front lines, deep within the trenches of spiritual warfare. Seldom, if at all, do they seek a position to make a great deal of money. I believe that they're driven to be conduits of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to that end do they offer their abilities and talents. Seeing people receive Christ is one of their few, but great rewards. They know that their great reward will manifest itself later on based upon the Promises of their Saviour. This is the perception and belief most have when we hear this term used. Within the heart of the servant in question, I have no doubt this is what they are thinking. But, is it Scripturally accurate?

Let us delve a little deeper into the psychic of the sincere Full or Part-time Christian Servant. To some, the idea is, 'Less is more.' I've heard it put to me this way: "Those first in the buffet line at the 'Church' Social will be last in Heaven's Buffet line. Those who serve, will be served. Those who are rich here on earth, will be poor in Heaven. Those saints who have a small home here in this world will later gain a mansion in glory." Again, isn't this the perception we've been taught? I know I have. I used to think, "If I stop trying to get ahead and sacrifice my wants, it will pay dividends when I get to Heaven." I believed that if I sacrificed now, I'll reap the benefits of an easier life in the great beyond later on. It was like I was planning and working towards my retirement or something. It was shallow thinking at it's best. Boy! Did I have a lot to learn. But, this is the mind-set that a lot of 'Church'-schooled believers have. Not all, but many.

Usually, when we hear that someone is a Full-time Christian Servant, we automatically view them as someone special. Sometimes, we get a little skeptical and think, "Let's see how long he lasts as a missionary, teacher, evangelist or whatever!" It seems that we always view these people from an Institutional perspective. But with that aside, for the most part, being recognized as a 'Full or Part-time Christian Servant generates the impression that he or she is a very honest and morally upright soul. That's a nice image to have. It's like saying, "See that guy over there? He's a Marine." The first thing we think of when we hear this, is what? 'Respect!' That's what I think of anyway. Why? Because that Marine has Probably been in the trenches fighting for our way of life at one time or another. I know that to be a Marine, one, at least, had to be trained for it. That gains an amount of respect right there! Perhaps not all Marines fit this image, but most do. So is the perception of a Full or part-time Christian Servant in most fundamentally 'Church'-schooled believers eyes. In a way, we see them as Christian Marines in the trenches of the world fighting to educate and win souls on unseen spiritual battlefields. They become spiritual heroes to us.

I also believe that most that have chosen this course are well suited for it. They're honest, trustworthy, polite, generous, kind, loyal and faithful. There are many other positive attributes I could add, but I'll stop there because I think you're beginning to get the idea that I genuinely like those in Full-time Christian service; and I do. The very people in these careers aren't who I have an issue with. They're sincerity abides without question. Nor, am I trying to criticize them. What I am trying to say is this: Sometimes, we can take a term for granted and accept someone's perception rather than its intended definition. In the business of Full and Part-time Christian Service, I believe we've been guided to believe it is something it was never intended to be.
 Servants and Service

Our SERVICE should be defined by our daily walk with God and how we respond to whatever is thrown our way in a manner that befits our Saviour's good name. Whenever we slap the label of "Full or Part-time Christian Servant" on someone, we are unwittingly giving our stamp of approval to those who choose to dedicate their lives to serving God first and foremost. The issue is, we do this without understanding God's perspective of what a Christian servant actually is! We just assume that we know what it is. Through indoctrination and conditioning, we've been given labels to define what "Full or Part-time Christian Servants and Service" means from an Institutional point of view. However, this point of view is something foreign to what Scripture teaches. I want to make the distinction between a Full or Part-time Christian SERVANT, and Biblical Christian SERVICE to clear this up.

I've basically defined what our Service is with a broad brush so there's no need for further embellishment. However, the different attributes we see between God's version of Christian SERVANTS and modern day Christianity's definition are not as clear cut as they might seem. But, there is enough of a contrast to make a difference in how we should view them. The similar points are obvious. For instance, in today's idea of Full-time Christian Service, the pursuit of a secular career elsewhere is discarded for the conviction that the cause of Christ far outweighs whatever fancies one could gather to themselves here on Earth. That's a good attitude to have. I've heard of men in the pulpit say that they tossed aside lucrative careers for the poverty of the ministry because they were, "Called of God to do so." I've heard others in the "ministry" say that they could have pursued a career in the family business and easily become a millionaire, but elected to respond towards a greater calling. These attributes are eerily similar because the intentions are actually the same; serve God rather than mammon. But usually, this is where the similarities end. Having good intentions doesn't necessarily make one a "Full-time Christian Servant."

Don't get me wrong... I don't mean to imply that the vast majority in Full or Part-time Christian Service have bad intentions. Nor, do I believe or suggest that they are in it for ill gain. Quite the opposite. Like I said, I believe most are trustworthy and do not have a selfish bone in their bodies. They have adopted the 'less is more' philosophy and most stick to it for better or worse for the glory of God. What I am going to call into question is this: Are we misunderstanding what Full and Part-time Christian Service is all about in light of what the Bible teaches? Have we been fed the wrong idea of what a Christian Servant should be from an Institutional 'Church's' perspective? Have we been duped yet again by man's religious traditions? If we have, then how can we right the ship back on it's initial course? First things first. We need to identify the Problem. We need to define what man's idea of Full and Part-time Christian Service is in contrast with the Bible's. Let's begin with what man has packaged for us.
Dishonest Labeling

Being called a "Full or Part-time Christian Anything" is like putting a false label over a can or package of goods for sale. First off, who, that Proclaims to be a Christian, would want to be known as a Part-time Christian? That doesn't make any sense, does it? I know, I'm getting a little off tack here. That last comment was purely semantical. I thought it was a good sidebar observation to get us thinking about another dynamic of our Christian walk. Be that as it may, allow me to get back on course. I believe that those who choose to make their life's work by concentrating their efforts to further the Christian image are very sincere people who just want to please their God. The Problem is, most who choose this path have been indoctrinated into believing that their 'choice' is directed by God without realizing that using man's methods are not what God intended. And how do we know this? Simple; all we have to do is follow His examples written in His Word and compare them with the methods that are used today. If they match up and agree, great! If not, well, then we have a Problem on our hands. The Problem is, if we realize that God's methods are being ignored in favor of Satan's methods, it says a lot towards our allegiance to whom we serve.

The belief that Christ is pleased by us utilizing the traditions of men to accomplish His will, instead of being led by His Spirit is utter nonsense. All this is, is a by-Product of dishonest labeling. This method of dishonest labeling is definitely not intentional by those who try and carry out His will. Dishonest labeling is Satan's specialty. Basically, the innocents were sold on the idea that they must harken themselves to the religious system's directives to not only win souls, but to gain favor in the eyes of those who trained them. Believe it or not, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the Full-time Christian Service Industry is a popularity industry. If you want the establishment to cooperate with you, you have to cooperate with them. If one doesn't go through the motions, they'll no doubt fail.

So, what's the first step towards success in the world of the Christian Service industry? In most cases, the young missionary, evangelist, pastor or teacher "to be" must attain their qualifications. First by earning a degree of some sort. Then they're to choose what venue they are to dispense their newly bought and learned skills. I say "bought" because these skills more than likely came with a price. Not just hard work and sleepless nights holding down two jobs and taking on a full load at school, but the tuition it costs. Their desire to serve the Lord was never in doubt. Their 'sticktoitiveness' is their initiation into the fraternity of the Bible College graduate. The brand of school they choose is incidental. But, paying others to train them is artificial to what the Scriptures teach. It was easy for them to fall into this trap because the Process offered by the Institution is well advertized and organized. And after all, isn't that what organizations do? Their label simply identifies their Product with the advertizing, which in turn identifies itself with their organization. And who really benefits from recruiting that student? The College! A positive recruitment means positive tuition dollars. There's a new wing being constructed on the campus library! I wonder who helped pay for that?

We're duped like this almost every day! It's like if we go to the grocery store to buy an item that contains many ingredients. We pick up a box and throw it in our cart without ever reading the label. Why? Because it's advertized on TV as having this or that feature and benefit. But, after closer examination, if we read the label, we'll notice that it isn't what it is cracked up to be. For example, we see the word "Enriched" on the main label and think, "WOW! This is ENRICHED!" It's Gotta be good!" But, have you ever asked the obvious question; "Enriched with WHAT?" Not many do. Most dairy Products, white breads, flours and sugars are "enriched" with ingredients such as chlorine bleach and GMO's. Yum, yum, eh? That's what I want. A white-washing on the inside. Let's poison ourselves because the label says, "Enriched!" Our trusting nature isn't conducive to questioning things that are advertized as being 'good for us,' especially when that advertisement is endorsed by family and others we trust. To put it bluntly, we can be gullable at times. Especially times when we reach a crossroads in our lives. Everyone wonders about the pathways we'll choose and we'll do almost anything to be steered in the right direction. An error we all commit is that we don't always seek God's direction directly! At these times, do we really treat God's Word as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path? If we're honest with ourselves, we'd have to say, "No."

So, when someone says, "I want to be a Missionary, Christian School Teacher, Evangelist, etc..," the first question is, "How do I become one?" This undoubtedly leads to formal schooling. Formal schooling always leads to paying money to an Institution. And, Institutions always teach what's in their agendas. If one chooses a Catholic school, one will get a Catholic education. If one chooses a Baptist school, they'll receive a Baptist's education. Again, these things are incidental in and of themselves. All denominations come with agendas attached. If we are looking for a Product or service, the first thing we do is look at the advertizing spiel. Sometimes we follow-up on a referral. Now, the next course of action would be to pick and choose, just like we pick and choose our Products off of a grocery shelf.

Most who have chosen careers as teachers, missionaries, evangelists, music ministers and clergy would fall into this mind-set. They considered multiple factors when choosing a school such as, 'What denomination is it affiliated with? What camp does it belong to within that denomination? What's the pedigree of the Chancellor or my future instructors? What's the tuition? What's the location? Can I find a spouse there?' They were distracted by many more factors as well. But, this is how they went Bible College shopping. Guess what? It still happens this way! The Problem is, they seldom read the warning label. Do you know why? There ISN'T one! There should be, but there isn't. They're choosing items from a business within a business. Have you ever been to a Bible College Symposium? All it is, is a grocery store for Bible Colleges. We are simply being deceived by dishonest labeling. For that we can blame Satan and our own willing ignorance to what God's Word says about it.

Many a missionary today say that they were, "called to minister in the Congo" or some such place to reach the natives with the Gospel. If that is all they did, this article would end right here. I have no qualms with a missionary being called anywhere. If God wants them to go, they're to go. But, that isn't where man's traditional Missionary Industry stops. Nor, is it where it begins. Man's traditional idea of missions is more than just preparing for life in a foreign field. It has been twisted into an industry and a Profession just like they do with clergy. These schools have been successful at it because of dishonest labeling.

I'll uncover a simple misconception about today's business of missions by laying out the contrast between it and what God's Word says about Biblical missions. This ought to put things in their Proper perspective... One glaring contrast is this: In the Bible, we don't see Bible College students paying four or mores years of tuition to become missionary apprentices. In the Bible, we only see willing men who learned directly from either Jesus, Paul or others for FREE! In the Bible, it wasn't a business! Today, we still have eager men who want to reach the lost, but they're entangled with man's expensive methods for accomplishing what could have been learned for free. The skills they could have learned for free sometimes won't be respected by those who took the same course of training they did. Something stinks in the kitchen, and it ain't Aunt May's burnt biscuits!

The Missions Industry today was brought into being not because of greed. Nor, was it born out of necessity. People who get into the missions industry actually want to see souls saved. I get it! That's the good part. The bad part is that the ends do not always justify the means. The initial idea of Missions Boards and higher education was founded upon a sincere desire to offer God's gift of salvation to the lost abroad. To do that, the founders believed that the more people they could train, the more will be sent out into the field. Again, I get it! It just took an ill-fated turn is all, because somewhere along the line we've ditched God's methods for man's. This is the point I'd like my reader to 'get.'

Here is what usually happens in cases like our Bible College Missionary student friends. What we see today is that a young person applies for a school loan to pay multiple thousands of dollars to be trained for this "ministry." They usually take a trip to the foreign field to investigate the new surroundings. Normally, the "missionary to be" will take photos for a slide show or power point presentation to be shown to other 'Churches.' He's' hoping to be adopted as a missionary on their support list. Basically, they become traveling salesmen. After two or more years on what's known as 'Deputation' to gain financial support for their living and traveling expenses, they are sent to their foreign field to commence their work of reaching the lost. Progress reports are constantly sent back to their supporting 'Churches' to justify their financial support. The better the letters sound, the longer the support comes in. But, when an Institutional 'Church's finances go under, so does the support of the missionary. That's not living by faith! That's a business mind-set. "Sorry Joe, we're cutting back. You're position has no more room in our budget. I'm sorry it has to be you. " How many times have we heard that? Well, corporate missionaries hear it too. Why? Because it's become an industry, not a ministry. It may sound like a harsh reality, but it is a reality!

If we are true to siding with God's Word, regardless of where we stand now, we'll have to at least view 'missions' as something foreign to our current belief system teaches. This same train of thought applies to today's Christian educational system and clergy. Where in the Bible do we see clergy and Christian Academy faculty anyway? If you consider yourself to be a Full or Part-time Christian Servant, please do not get the wrong idea. You are not the target of my disdain. I simply believe that the majority of those who wish to become greater servants for God's glory have been misdirected into careers instead of actual Scriptural ministries. It all starts with our own lazy believe-ism. Allow me to show you what I mean...

Purse, Scrip and Swords

How many of us have tried, on our own, to define and dissect truths in God's Word so that we might take the right course of action in our lives? How many of us have gone to the preacher man to gain his insight instead of God's direction from His Word because we were afraid that we'd take the wrong actions? Can I see a raise of hands? Hmmm, just about all of us, huh? I'm not saying that there isn't safety in a multitude of counselors. What I am saying is that most times, we rely and put stock in someone elses opinion more than God's.

Let engage in a little exercise for a moment. In Luke 9:3, Jesus instructs His disciples not to bring any money or scrip with them on their first mission's trip. The reader may be asking themselves, "What exactly is "scrip?" I have to admit, every time I read that word I came away with the impression that it meant paper money. Well, as it turns out, I was correct. Scrip is basically fiat paper money. It's a company or bank receipt. A marker, if you please. Scrip is defined as, "a Provisional certificate of money, subscribed to a bank or company, entitling the holder to a formal certificate and dividends." Another definition is, "Paper money in amounts of less than one dollar."

When the Lord sends the disciples out again in Luke 22:36, He tells them that [if] they have purse or scrip, bring it with them. He didn't say, "Okay guys... This time, go out and ask for financial help from different people and organizations before you go out into the mission field." Why didn't He say that? Because, He knew that He would take care of them financially just as He did on the first missions trip. He would see that their needs are met through the natural law of sowing and reaping. The missionary or elder would plow in hope (work in hope), and when he does, God will bless the work of his hands. It's not that complicated. This is the crux and meaning of 1Corinthians 9:9, the often misused verse that speaks of "...not muzzling the ox that treadeth out the corn." It's the simple natural law that says, if one works with his hands, and works in hope of receiving a reward, God will see to it that he gets that reward. It's not meant to be taken that a ministry is somehow magically transformed into a Profession.

In Luke 22, Jesus was actually reminding them not to worry about money as they went out (vs 35). As a matter of fact, it's very hard for me to assume that any of the missionaries brought their wives and small children with them on the trip. It doesn't seem like good logistics that the Lord would send out young families into such a hostile field to begin with. Besides, He sent them out two by two, didn't He? I can see a married man who's children are already grown and on their own pairing up with someone just like him, but not a young man with a wife and young children. Not in those days, anyway. I am persuaded that those He sent forth were seasoned men who accompanied Jesus for three years. We know that Peter was a husband, but I also know that Peter was a seasoned man with little financial concerns. He had gotten used to living on the fly with Jesus until Christ died on the cross. Then he went back to his old Profession of catching fish. When he saw his risen Saviour, everything changed for Peter. He became a man on a mission, excuse the pun. He went out to the Jews, and later became an elder in a stationary assembly.

Sure, there were more disciples around other than the twelve, but they weren't in Jesus' inner circle like Peter or John was. They were learners, both men and women. But I wonder how many of them were pegged to go out on a mission's trip with little kids to support? It just doesn't seem likely. Also, I am considering the fact that Jesus knew it would be a dangerous mission. Why would He want to put children in harms way? Apparently, it was a dangerous mission because He told them to take the precaution of buying a sword and take it with them. Call me old fashioned, but I believe that at the time, this was a man's job. I'm not saying that women weren't willing. What I am saying is, in Israel back then, it was (and for the most part, still is) a man's world. Women and children weren't considered one's sent out into this new spiritual battlefield with swords.

Today, we see a different mind-set. Young families are going out to foreign lands to carve out lives as missionary families. Anytime women and children are put into a foreign heatlenistic society, there will be dangers to those women and children. If not for any other reason, than to break the spirit of the head of that family. Satan will attack what we love. If I were a modern day missionary in India, there are those who would attack my wife and children just to scare me off. Would I really be dumb enough to put them at risk? If it were me alone, I could see it, but not my very own flesh and blood! I'm talking about a heathenish nation in a foreign land here, not the city park or homeless shelters down the block. I can't believe putting women and children in harms way is what the Lord intended no matter how many flaming feminists crawl out of the woodwork. Are women any less brave? No. But at the same time, I don't think Jesus would command them to put themselves in jeopardy.

Paul was suited to be a missionary. He wasn't married. There's little or no indication that those who followed him around were married either. I'm not saying that there absolutely weren't, but it does seem unlikely that there were. The point here is, that the industry of missions today has taken on a whole different persona than what we see in Luke chapters 9 and 22. Back then there were no deputation trips to ask others for permanent financial support. Jesus commanded His disciples to carry swords in case they got into trouble. And, He told them the bring their OWN money and scrip if they had it to bring.

Full or Part-Time Christians

The truest application for being a Full-time Christian servant is utilizing the gifts God gave us in our everyday lives. Forget about the "Part-time' prefix. The Lord doesn't want any of His children to be part-time Christians. That's like having a half-hearted attitude about anything. That's like being lukewarm. That's like wanting to half-way jump out of an airplane. If one does that, they're gonna hurt themselves (and Probably land on and hurt someone else). When we become a part of His family, we are to act like members of His family. That's one of the things we wanted to begin with, isn't it? To be identified with Him? To act like His family, we are to be like Him. Hence the term "Christ-like." Full-time Christian Service should be defined as: a child of God who emulates his Saviour in all he or she says and does while forsaking the things of this world." That is our reasonable service. This is what the apostles, Stephen, Phillip, Paul, Silas, Titus, Timothy and others have done.

And what about our missionary heroes of recent memory? Men like the forgotten missionaries who have suffered for the name of our LORD. I remember hearing of two missionaries who forsook the western world and chose to live as one of the millions of Chinese inhabitants behind Communist China's walls. They didn't have financial support from sending 'Churches.' Nor did they know how to speak the local language or know the customs and ways of the Chinese people. For years they were beaten and spat upon, but they loved their Saviour so much, they stayed to become part of the culture just for the opportunity of reaching those for Him. Seldom do we hear about the riggers and brutality heaved upon these ambassadors for Christ. They actually take their lives into their hands, without charge, to reach the lost. Paul did. In fact he wrote about it. And this, for the most part is the pattern that has been forsaken within the Institution. I seldom hear of Institutional 'Church' and trained sent missionaries do this. Not only has the Institutional 'Church' model created two different classes of 'Church' people, clergy and laity, they have done the same thing within the class of laity.

Laity is now subdivided into three categories. "Full-time Christian Servants" are those who are supported full-time financially, whether it be a missionary, evangelist, school Superintendent, principal or teacher. The second category are those who do the same things sparingly and are paid a part-time wage. The third class are all those who labour for the Lord (and their 'Church') donating time, effort, vast amounts of money, blood sweat and tears for free. Actually, these people are the backbone that allows a 'Church' organization to stay afloat. Without them, there's no funds or free labor to keep costs down. But lest one think I am throwing around praise here, think again. Their intentions may be as pure as the driven snow, but their understanding needs some work. Why not take that same effort, time and money and focus it on the poor, mame, lame, blind, orphan, homeless, hungry and widow directly? Instead of praying about giving your fair share to put a steeple on a building, try and concentrate those prayers and money toward the people themselves? This is what a Full-time Christian Servant is supposed to be doing. We need to turn back to the original definition of what a Christian servant is supposed to be. What we don't need is some Institution's definition of what one should be. Christ defines a Christian servant as one who looks and treats others as though they were looking and treating Him; with grace, respect and kindness. Amen? Amen!

Yes, people have good intentions, but a lot of times these good intentions are being misdirected. I urge you to stop following the status quot, and start relying on God's Word for direction. My heart goes out to those who have a genuine desire to go out to the lost. Especially those who want to go to a foreign field. Their desire and intentions are noble. Too bad in most cases, they're mis-guided. If one is single, or one can be married and desires to go out into the field, you don't have to treat it as a business. If you decide to risk your lives for the cause of Christ, so be it. Just don't claim that the Institutional method of deputation and Missions Boards is our Lord's way of doing it.

I know of a man who travels from Europe with his wife and teenage daughter twice a year to the States for the purpose of teaching house churches God's way of Biblical church. He asks for no money and lives totally by faith. There is no deputation he goes on to gain support. He goes to God for his family's financial needs and doesn't make it public to anyone. In Europe, they live in a government subsidized house, and they clip coupons all year to pay for their air fare, food and lodging. For over 25 years he's done this twice a year, every year. Not once has he gone on deputation asking for permanent financial support. If he can do it, why can't we? If you have a heart for witnessing, do as my friends do. One lady drags four kids out with her daily, rain or shine. She looks for people to share the Gospel with and asks the Lord to cross her path with those who need food and clothing. We have a mission field all around us if we'll just open our eyes and take a look. These are examples of  what Full-time Christian Servants do.

It'd be good if we all pushed the Re-set button and consider what God's plan for being a Full-time Christian Servant is all about. This includes those in the foreign and domestic fields. Evaluate you circumstances and desire. Heed what God's Word teaches and have an open mind and heart to the Spirit's leading. There are two types of Full and Part-time Christian Servants; One is defined by man's Religious Establishment and the other is defined from the Bible. Which will we follow?


Please don't justify your actions by sighting what God has done for you since you began your career as a 'Full or Part-time Christian whatever.' I've heard the same tired retorts from those who believe in income tithing. The fact is, like a loving Father, Jesus see's past our unknown mistakes. I sure am glad He does with me. He is still consistent to allow the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. If He has done some special work or miracle in your life, all I can say is, "Praise Jesus!" Don't get me wrong. It's always good to brag on Jesus. But now, we are no longer ignorant of the facts presented in this piece. To continue on with our present course, if it goes against His Word, it isn't God honoring at all. We might as well perform the mass after finding out the horrible truths about it just because your friends and family seem to approve of it. It goes back to the age old question: Who are we supposed to be pleasing; God or mammon?

The purpose of this piece was never to criticize those who are employed in Full or Part-time Christian Service. It is simply written to point out the differences between God's method of service with man's. It also has the intention of helping those who are Truth-seekers to really study this out for themselves to arrive at a fresh understanding about their God and Saviour. That's all. I cannot criticize the tremendous efforts of those who have dedicated their lives to do Christ service. But, what I can do is reveal the truth to the best of my abilities about what His Word says about it.

Some of my detractors might say, "What gives you the right to criticize those who are doing their best for God?" My answer is, "I have no right. As a matter of fact, I admire those who have dedicated their lives towards one goal; to see that more people are exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than ever before. How can you knock someone like that?" But, like I've already said, my intent was to expose the truth, which has been kept from us for far too long. My hope is that the information shared in this article, and this blog will make believers stop and think about following man's prescription of Full-time Christian Service and consider what God's original plan still is. If I had a choice between man's way and God's way, I'll pick God's way every time. How about you? Thank you for visiting and God's blessings on your day.


  1. Greatly enjoyed Bobby, and I as you have, prove everything against the Bible as it will show, is it of God, or is it of man, the things that we do.... God bless you brother!

    1. Thank you Merle. I am expecting to take some heat for this one, but no matter. I discovered a long time ago that I'd rather side with the LORD than please others. Imagine what I went trough when I left the Catholic 'Church.' I was an outcast and the black sheep of the family for awhile.I've been through it once, I can go through it again if need be. Thanks again for your support.

  2. Just discovered your site. Glad I did! Looks like we're in sync on quite a number of issues, especially regarding the NT pattern for house churches. I just posted "Clouds of Devilish Delusion" at -- you'll find more of my analyses of the local church issue in the "Discipleship" section of the site. May God bless your work. - Dave

    1. I'll be sure to look it over Dave. We need more people to spread these truths before they come for us in the end. Would like to ask that when you read something on my blog, you add more comments. You can even join my site for no $$$. I would like that. Thanks for reading and I'll be sure to get to read yours soon and leave a comment of my own. Blessings and Grace to you. :-)