Friday, December 21, 2012

Moulting Eagles

Deuteronomy 32:11, "As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:"

Matthew 24:28, "For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together."

Psalm103:5, "Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s."

Isaiah 40:31, "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

*Note: When the author renders the word 'Church' as shown here, he is referring to our modern day Corporate Entity, Institutional 'Church' System of man's design. When he renders the word church in all lower case lettering, he is referring to Christ's Authentic, Legitimate Home church design, which He created and continues to build.


Many years ago I heard a motivational speaker tell the story of the life cycle of an eagle. He used it as a metaphor to inspire his audience to achieve great things within their own lives. Twenty two years later, I heard a famous preacher tell the same tale. He told me that he created the story from events he witnessed himself when he was a young man growing up in Montana. I mention this to let everyone know that I take no credit for the illustration. Some might recognize this story, but in my rendition, I will arrive at a different destination and metaphor. It applies to everyone who has spent any significant amount of time within an Institutional 'Church.' So let us begin with the story of the Moulting Eagle...

  • As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:
The majority of American Bald eagles reside in or near Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. They make their home usually near the seashore or some other body of water as fish is their main source of food. They will however scavenge on dead or decaying flesh or hunt the occasional small mammal and other aviary. Since I heard that this particular Bald eagle resided in the mountains of Montana, I will use this landscape as the backdrop to our story.  

We begin this metaphor with a pair of adult American Bald Eagles preparing their nest for their young. To say that an American Bald eagle's nest is large is a bit of an understatement. Of all of natures birds, the Bald Eagle constructs the largest nests of all. It can be as large as nine feet in diameter, eighteen feet deep and weigh up to three tons. Of course that particular nest is a world record. An average nest is five to six feet wide and two to three feet tall. It's outer wall is constructed by interweaving tree limbs, branches and sticks. The holes are filled in using mosses, cornstalks and grasses. The inner wall of the nest is elaborately dressed with all manner of skins, furs and even their own feathers, making a nice warm and soft bed for her eaglets. Construction and upkeep is ongoing throughout most of the year, and most eagle couples use the same nest for most of their lives.

Once the eggs hatch, the mother or father goes soaring high into the air to find food for their young. And everyday, they bring back to their nest fresh meat. The mother eagle has to chew the meat first so that it is soft enough for her babies to consume. After a time when the young eaglets grow, the parents begin to teach their babies how to act as an eagle should. Thus begins the harsh reality of preparing for life on their own. The adult eagles begin with tossing the inside of the comfy nest. They rip out the soft fur lining, exposing only the hard sticks and branches. They make it so the nest becomes uncomfortable for the young eaglets so that they might want to go off and build one of their own. Hence the phrase, "Empty Nest." For them, nothing comes easy from this point on.

The adult female begins to hover over her young and flaps her wings to show them how to fly. She spreads her mighty wings and glides upon the wind to demonstrate the art of flight. Of course the eaglets are too inexperienced to know what mother is doing, so the adult hops into the nest and flips one of her young onto her back. Immediately she plunges off the nest and begins to take her traveling companion for a ride. It is fun for the eaglet until Mom decides to perform some aerial stunt flying. She does a series of loop-DE-loops until the little eaglet cannot hold on any longer.

As the little eaglet begins to fall, the mother circles around him in a downward spiral. The eaglet is terrified, not knowing what to do. He continues to plummet, screaming for his life because he doesn't know that his mother can fly faster than he can fall. She dives past him swiftly and then catches him on her back before he hits the ground. She ascends upward to the nest to repeat the lesson over and over again.

One day, after being dropped numerous times, he discovers that he has two long feathery looking arms Protruding from his shoulders. He thinks to himself, "Huh! I wonder what these are for?" In his free-fall he feverishly begins flapping his appendages, and discovers that when angled just right, the wind currents would carry him upward. As he begins to fly on his own he discovers a new freedom he has never known before. Soon, he learns how to hunt and perfect his skills needed to survive as only an eagle can. Thus ends the first stage of our young eagle's development.

In the world of Religion a person is presented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let's assume he gets saved as I was. Someone shared the Gospel with me and I accepted Christ as my Saviour. This is something I was never taught coming out of the Roman Catholic 'Church' System. As soon as I began to Profess Jesus as my personal Saviour, I was ridiculed by my own family. I learned that things that are misunderstood are normally criticized. It was a time of tribulation and persecution just as the young eagle feels when his comfy nest is tossed. I left the Catholic 'Church' and began searching for Christ's true church.

As a young 'Church'-goer in the Institutional setting, we can see some of the same elements come into play. Depending on our teachers (or who'll we'll actually pay attention to), we develop our Biblical and spiritual understanding at different levels. We start to learn the elementary concepts of Bible stories and behavior, which becomes more familiar as times goes on. After a while, instead of spoon feeding us soft Biblical concepts, as the mother eagle regurgitates her food to make it easier for her young to swallow, we begin to feed on more substantial meat and even seek it out on our own. We are happy to leave the nest to hunt (a.k.a. witnessing) and even invite others to join as we return once again to congregate with our brothers and sisters. 

Here's the Problem though: Unlike the eagle who leaves his original nest and never returns, we as Institutional 'Church' members seem to keep coming back to the same nest. We are so conditioned into believing that the Institutional 'Church' setting is ordained of God, we keep coming back to this unnatural and fabricated environment. Again, it only seems natural because it is all we've been taught. 

It's like a bear who makes his lodging in a snake pit rather than a cave because that is where his mother raised him. The environment he's in just doesn't fit with who he is. Of course the bear wouldn't do that, but we as humans do. We seem to be the only species on the planet who goes against the natural order of things just to conform to what everyone else around us expects. It's not 'natural' for us as Christians to be entwined in man's infrastructure for religion; but here we are! The unsuspecting Christian simply adapts to it. Why? Because so many around him believes that is what is natural.

So goes the early life-cycle of the saved 'Church'-goer. They are saved children of God, but most are unaware that they are in a foreign environment. In my case I went from a system of unsaved religious 'Church'-goers to a system of a mixture of saved and lost 'Church'-goers. All I did was go from the fire into the frying pan. Fortunately for me, I did receive the 'Good News' and received Christ as my personal Saviour, BUT, I wasn't that much better off 'Church'-wise. All I did was make a lateral move from one Institution to another. I may have been saved by the Blood of the Lamb, but the natural habitat Christ created for me had eluded my attention. I didn't realize that He has a different habitat in mind for His children. Why did this escape me? It's all about conditioning.

Our modern day 'Churched' lifestyle is a Product of conditioning, traditions and repetition. Is this done on purpose? Yes and no. No intent to deceive is found by most who Promote the Institutional model of 'Church' today. However, the one's who originally fabricated this model as a counterfeit of Christ's original design did mean it as a deception. Man's incentive for doing this was personal wealth and gain. However, the Mastermind behind all of this is Satan. His incentive for doing his part? He hates God, so therefore he hates us. He'll use his cunning to sidetrack the masses into believing that they are doing God's service. This includes the saved and the lost. He doesn't discriminate regarding religious preference either. He'll focus on the pseudo-Christian world, Muslims, Hindu's, etc. As far as concentrating on actual saved believers, he directed his servants to twist the concept of Christ's idea for a church into the mainstream calamity it is now. See my post, 'Mainstream or Traditional?' to know more.

  • For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.
(The Moping Period) 
At four to four and a half years old, there comes a time when he reaches his final stage of Moulting. From the age of six months up to five and a half years old he'll go through six stages of moulting where his plumage gradually changes color. He notices other eagles below in the canyon walking around amid the dust of the ground. It seems a strange place for an eagle to be, but since there are some down there that seem to be enjoying themselves, he decides to join them. As the old saying goes, "Birds of a feather flock together."

During his time on the ground he gets comfortable living a life of leisure. He does more walking than flying. Food is abundant among the boulders, rocks and stream of this new habitat. It is easy for him to pounce on a rabbit, snake or trout for his dinner. As he gets filled each day, he begins to take things for granted. After some time, physical changes happen to him that he doesn't understand. His feathers begin to fall out and he doesn't have the same pep and energy he once had. He prefers staying on the ground more and more and doesn't seem to have the appetite he normally once had. This is when the the last stage of moulting begins. 

This moulting is a time when he begins to feel weak and unsure of himself. His crown still has dark brown flecks exposing his youth and inexperience, but along with his feathers falling out, his beak develops calcium deposits giving it a crusty appearance. Even his once razor sharp talons begin to break off. After awhile, the time comes when he cannot engage in flight or the hunt as he should to sustain his life. He becomes listless, and wanting. Then depression sets in. Even his ability to defend himself in this state becomes an issue. Whatever food he can find in the form of a dead carcase of a mouse or a reptile is fraught with fierce competition to whom will go the spoils. He'll have to fight with other eagles in the same condition as himself.

These are the bad times. This is when he begins his 'Moping period.' He constantly mopes around in the canyon, pecking at anything he can find to eat. He has no desire to fly and finds no strength to do so even if he wanted to. Sometimes he finds the lifeless body of another eagle who didn't make it. He is disheartened, but he continues on, walking the earth with his talon-less feet and encrusted beak. 

The Institutional 'Church'-goer sometimes go through the same type of moping period. He becomes disillusioned after witnessing the errant behavior of others within his congregation. Sometimes he hears of a pastor who was caught in a scandal or has gone astray. Perhaps another brother did him wrong. His faith in human nature and its form of religion is crushed. These people to whom he looked up to were supposed to be examples on how to behave. These are the ones he sought after for guidance. The advice they gave in the past no longer seems worth heeding. He is hurt and begins to mope around just as our feathered friend. He is caught betwixt and between his emotions and his own lack of direction. He becomes disheartened and doesn't seem to have the same zeal that he was once known for. These are the bad times for him.
  • Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.
 (Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired) 
The young eagle imprisoned in the canyon continues to mope, sitting in the shade bobbing his head up and down contemplating his dreary situation. One day he hears and feels a slight thud hit the earth not far from him. It's a fresh kill. It was dropped from the sky, a gift of life giving meat from above. Looking upward he searches from where it could have come. High above he hears the call of an eagle floating overhead. The soaring eagle screams encouragement to his fallen brother below to eat, be filled and gain strength. He Promises that he will return the next day with another fresh kill.

This goes on day after day until the eagle below gains new strength both physically and emotionally. The soaring eagle knows what his lonesome friend is going through, for he has been in the canyon himself. The moping eagle below experiences a glimmer of hope of knowing that maybe his life isn't at an end. He is finally tired of being sick and tired and begins to do something about his condition.  

After months of feeding on that fresh meat, he begins to grow new talons. His feathers return and his crown and tail begins to change colors from flecks of dark brown to a speckled grey. Eventually they turn to a snowy white and his countenance seems to change from a poor lost creature to a regal monarch. At this stage in his life, he reaches the age of five to five and a half years old. Here is an interesting note: The Bald Eagle's name is actually a misnomer. During the age in which it was discovered, the word 'bald' referred to a crop of white hair rather than one who lost his hair. It was a distinction worthy of maturity and wisdom for much the same reason why judges, magistrates and nobles in England wear white colored wigs while publically officiating.

With a determined look, he moves close to a near-bye rock and begins to strike his calcium encrusted beak against it. He performs this task repeatedly as the calcium fragments break off. Now he is able to breath a little fresh air. He continues to strike his beak against the rock and scrape his new formed claws against the stone to sharpen them. He is rebuilding himself. He has come to the realization that life in the canyon is fraught with deception and waste. Only from where he used to soar does he have a full view, a true perspective of where and what he should be. 

So it is with some of us who were entrapped within the canyon of the Institution. From our Institutional perspective we thought this is what we were meant to do. We thought this because there were so many others moping on the ground encouraging us to join them. Remember the 'Birds of a feather?' But, when times are good, no thought is given to leaving or being disillusioned. Our performances in 'Church' become second nature. As time goes bye, the inexperienced believers start coming to us for advice and words of wisdom. We feel important and needed. We have carved out our niche within the congregation, and we like it. 

But something happens. We become introspective and feel the need to grow inwardly. We begin to forgo asking for man's wisdom and start seeking it from God's Word. We no longer heed what others say what God's Word says. Instead we want to go straight to God's Word exclusively. At this juncture in our lives we have amassed enough knowledge to understand the Bible for ourselves. After studying the Scriptures, we begin to notice that things given to us from the LORD as examples do not line up with what we are hearing within the 'Church's' pulpits and classrooms. Men make excuses for their errors, indiscretions and behavior. When something is awry, it is never spoken of. When we approach someone in authority about the incident, we are told that the pastor is in control of the matter and not to spread any rumors. We are told to blindly follow their leaders for they are "ordained of GOD!" Still, there is a nagging feeling that something just isn't right with, "God's 'Church.'"

After awhile more, we see these inconsistencies emerge more often in many different forms. After reading in the Bible that tithing is presented a lot differently than what the pastor teaches, we begin to search out the issue ourselves. After approaching our 'man of God' he tells us that the topic is complicated and we need not pursue the issue as a layman. He tells us that it would be best for the 'more learned' to guide us in such matters. 

As we persist with more and more questions that are harder and harder for the pastor to answer, we are marked as one who may become a potential cancer within the body. To him, we have the potential to ruin his Project called 'Bless Me If You Can Baptist Church. We are either told to seek higher education, or we are encouraged to head up a "ministry' within the 'Church' to pacify our curiosity and sidetrack our minds from the real and more important issues at hand. Those who dare to speak up are often 'marked' and ostracized. Some are even asked to leave. 

If this describes one who is reading this piece, I advise that they do leave. There is a post in this blog entitled, 'Withdraw Yourselves,' which will  adequately explain this Scriptural course of action. It is more blessed to be in God's will then be with friends and others who aren't. Just whose company do we want to be in anyway; our friends or God's? Sometimes, this is a tough choice to make. Some might bellow, "I'm for Christ no matter what!" but very few actually back up what they say. I'm not doubting their sincerity when they say this, so please don't get me wrong. I'm just saying that when the critical time comes when they have to make a choice between the friends they can see and their God Who they can't, will they be just as fervent with their convictions or will they tone down their stance?

Let's get back to our reawakening brothers and sisters within the Institute. After becoming more aware of the deceptions within our 'Church,' we realize that we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We began to learn the truth about where and who we should be and see the need to take action. Our friends who have been in the Institution with us, but who are no longer enslaved within, encourage us by showing what our Lord's Word actually says regarding these issues. They throw down the meat of the Word regarding doctrines taught in their true perspective. Doctrines like Christian giving and what Christ's ministry is all about become clear. They learn not to focus on supporting a building and Programs, but the people who actually need relief. 

Nothing is clouded in mystery any longer by the tales spun by people who got their theology and indoctrination from someone else. Men who hide behind degrees and vast amounts of education are not always the best source of doctrine. Instead, we see what their education is all about. It is used more as a credential to gain a higher position or opportunity within the 'Church' System. We see what this 'Church' System has become. It has become a business entity run by Professionals disguising themselves as ministers. Sadly, some do this intentionally. A greater number do not. They are sincere. But, their main reaction is to 'go along to get along' in most cases or they won't be included in the club. Go along with what? The idea that the Institutional 'Church' System and all its pet doctrines are of God. We have a revelation to tell of: They aren't! There may be saved people within this matrix, but it is still a matrix and it is still the world's design for religion. It's a corral for religious 'sheeple;' a canyon for the moulting eagle.

We begin to see the difference between the artificial habitat of the Institutional model for 'Church' against the natural nest of the home based church of our Maker's design. Those who understand this concept of what Christ's church is really about are the true ministers of Christ who soar high above dropping down morsels of vital life giving nourishment. This is certainly a contrast to those who Proclaim leadership from the pulpits of rocks among the dirt floors in the canyons of the Institute below. 

We realize that our basic spiritual education was forged in the high mountains of God's pure Word. We understand what salvation in Christ means, but for some, that is as far as it goes. Soon, after we grasp the basic concept of Jesus Christ and Who He is, we are thirsty to know more. This is where Satan steps in. This is where he misdirects us towards false doctrines and fables. It is at this point that our wandering eyes bring us down to the misery of the valley below. But once this scenario is exposed and we begin to see and understand this clearly, we will know the difference between what we were taught within the canyon of the Institution and what God's Word actually reveals up in the high perches among the heavens.
  •  But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. 
 (The Truth Shall Make You Free)
After regaining his strength and renewing his perspective, the now mature Bald eagle takes flight into the heavens once more. He is no longer disillusioned or confused. His purpose makes sense. He is an American Bald eagle, king of the skies. No longer will he be afraid of what is to come; for you see, the American Bald eagle may go through six stages of moulting, but he goes through a moping period only once. After he survives this moping period, he makes his nest in the clift high atop the mountain's edge. His wings are mighty and far reaching as he commands the wind to take him wherever he wishes to go. His eyes, talons and beak are as sharp as razors, snatching his prey with ease. But more importantly, he is free.

As someone who has left the Institutional 'Church' model behind, let me say that there are many brothers and sisters who are still caught in the canyon of the Institutional 'Church.' Some are in there just moping around. Right now I cry out to them with encouragement, dropping sincere meat in these posts to help them regain their strength and understand that our Lord has something for us that they haven't yet discovered. Like myself, they have spent years listening to those who remain in the canyon, some moping, some Proclaiming what they believe to be true without knowing the truth themselves. 

The deceived teach fables and doctrines of men. They impose standards and rules without really searching God's Word itself. They don't realize that they are passing on poisonous regurgitated mush to those less aware than themselves. The people who receive these false teachings are as innocent children who receive second hand gum to chew, believing it is a fresh piece. They believe this because that is what they were told. After all, when someone we trust says, "It's okay," we tend to believe them.  With the help of God's Word and others who have risen from the canyon below, we've been able to shred asunder the false perception and deception of what the main stream religious establishment teaches regarding 'Church.'

I am just one of many who glides above the canyon of the Institute, encouraging others who are going through a similar moping period as I did. I challenge all who are in an Institutional 'Church' to read this and examine their surroundings against the Word of God to see if they are where they should be. I also ask them to search deep within themselves to see if they are going through a moping period in their 'Churched' lives. Do they see things that just don't seem right? Is the ungodly behavior of some glossed over and swept under the rug? Do we feel as though we are being taxed and manipulated? Are we troubled when witnessing the shenanigans of the Institutional, corporate entity 'Church' system we have become so used to?

Are we getting sick and tired of being sick and tired yet? Will we be able to cast off the hardened deposits from our beaks, grow new feathers and sharpen our talons with the information contained within this blog in the light of God's Word? Will we allow ourselves to gain a new perspective on what Christ's assembly is supposed to be? Do we have the capacity to think three dimensionally and realize that the nest of the Institutional 'Church' model is not the authentic nest of our Lord's Home church? Can we apply the lessons we've learned from the moping eagle and expand our horizons the way he expands his territory? This of course is up to the individual to consider. Some don't wish to leave the canyon, while others wish to take flight. It's really up to us. 

The question is, 'If God set up His church as only one model for us to be a part of, then why would we remain in a man made version run by man's traditions?' May God give us the vision of an eagle to see the difference. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Have you read any Bill Gothard, I got the Character Sketch series.

  2. Is your entire ministry just to church bash and convince people that giving is evil? If you don't want to give then don't. Geez. I came across this Site searching for something else. Sorry I did. You must really be bitter. I doubt christ will bless a ministry whose sole purpose is to impart your bitterness to others.

    1. Thanks for the honest, yet reactionary comment. Apparently you haven't read many posts in my blog. If you had, you'd know that I believe that encouraging believers to give is an essential part of this ministry. Tithing however is not; and for good reason. Perhaps you may want to think about taking 'The Tithe Test' located in the Post Titles section to see how much you know about the subject before condemning my intentions. Bitter, I'm not. My articles aren't meant to mirror whatever experiences you may have suffered through. I have realized the evils of man's concept of the Business entity Institutional 'Church' System, their Professional clergy-run atmosphere and the manipulative way they are supported through the false and extortionist-driven doctrine of Income Tithing. My purpose is to expose these for what they are to good honest people who are trapped within the matrix of the Institution. I love the people and have no problem with them, or you. I am however, intent on revealing the truths contained in God's Word regarding these three topics from both sides. Sometimes the truth hurts. I hope that you consider learning more before forming an opinion that causes you to be bitter, as I do not detect any meekness or Christian love in your response. I pray that you can work through your issues and arrive at a peaceful place and find what you are searching for. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Keep up the good work, "There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all..." The word Pastor is only mentioned one time in the entire New Testament... Never in the Book of Acts, they were not included in the Epistles to Titus and Timothy who were to travel and to ensure the proper order of the local assemblies

    Lord Bless

    1. Thank you Brian. That's a good observation. One I made myself a few years back. You noticed that the word pastor is included in the New Testament only once too, eh? That would be Ephesians 4:11. However, I'm not sure if you realize that the words shepherd, elder, bishop and pastor are interchangeable in most cases within Scripture. The word 'pastor' may not show up in Acts, Timothy or Titus, but their presence is meant when they are mentioned by reading the words elders, and bishops. Where a lot of folks are mistaken is that they may not understand where a pastor's duty and authority begins and ends. This is a big problem within the Institutional Business Entity model for 'Church' because so many can be deceived by those behind the microphone. The louder and longer they bellow behind the mic, the more people believe what they say. And, if they say that we must pay 10% of our income to support their organization, ministry, staff, programs and properties, who are we to challenge them if we cannot discern Scripture on our own? Thanks again for the encouraging words.