Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Anniversary Post

Happy Anniversary to ChurchPros! At the suggestion of my church family I began this Blog Site on 7 November 2011. My first year has passed and I wanted to thank everyone who has visited and read my posts. A big 'Thank You' goes out to the members who graciously accepted an invitation to join as a subscriber. Those who have visited my site are all welcome to join, if for nothing else, than to be an encouragement. To that end I'd like to express special thanks to those who encouraged me from the beginning to start this blog by name. A great amount of appreciation goes out to Steve and Cindy Powell, and Anne Redmond. Another thanks goes out to Gary Bendixen, and last but not least, John Vuckovich for their help and contributions to several of my posts whether by advice, encouragement or writing contributions. You've all played a special part in helping me to create a blog toward helping my brother's and sisters in Christ.

The intent of this blog remains simple. Provoke the reader to search out for themselves the many fallacies within the Institutional Main-Stream 'Church' of man's design and realize that our God and Saviour Jesus Christ has appointed us to be a part of His Authentic, Legitimate Home based church.

I've tried to approach three main doctrines from as many different angles as I could think of to give the visitor a platform where something might 'click' within. The doctrines of course are Income Tithing, Pastoral Authority and the Main-Stream, Institutional Business Entity 'Church.' Please know that I have tried to get across that when I attack these subjects that I am attacking the concept of each, not the individual. Every 'Church' going income tither who either obeys his pastor (or is a pastor or member of the clergy) remains free from ridicule. In other words, it is their behavior that I see as fair game. Their personal worth is not up for grabs, and never has been. My main goal has always been to help someone to question their surroundings as to where God would have them attend regarding His church model. If I have helped anyone to escape the matrix of the Institution, I am greatful to our Lord for using a weak instrument such as this blog to accomplish His will.

My desire has never been to be a writer or even garner fame and fortune as a Blogger. Numbers mean little to me as to how many visitors I attract. I try to be no-nonsense and frill free. To that end I will continue to keep my articles at the length needed to convey my thoughts, so I apologize to those who see my attempts as wasteful and UN-blog like. I aspire to focus on content and not convenience. As I open myself up to criticism I acknowledge that this is a part of the playing field I have chosen. So be it! I apologize for nothing in this regard. In fact, I openly challenge anyone to show me that Income Tithing, Institutional Business entity 'Church' or Pastoral Priestcraft was meant for Christ's New Covenant church today either by persuasion or argument. I only ask that one Provide Scriptural evidence that'll compel me to repent of the things I've written about. I do not wish to be a stumbling block to my brethren.

One well educated individual kindly referred to my writing style as 'trenchant.' I humbly admit that when I first saw this comment I had to look up the word. It fits well, but in the past five months of my first year I have had constructive criticism, of which I am grateful to those who offered it. I hope that my posts have become more inviting and tolerable for those with a more delicate taste. I will endeavor to Provide a more palatable structure in future posts to accommodate my readers. Again, I thanks all of those who have visited ChurchPros this past year, and I hope to bring you more thought Provoking articles in the future.

Grace, and may God's blessings come your way.

~Bro. Bobby Kmiec


  1. Hey Bobby,

    Make that 9 followers of your blog now :D

    Keep up the good work and thanks for being a rare voice on the internet that is speaking truth on these main three issues that is hardly even known and believed by other born-again brothers and sisters in Christ.

    God bless you,


  2. Thanks Bill. That's a great encouragement to me. ~BK