Friday, August 17, 2012

Did Jesus Ever Tithe?


If Jesus fulfilled the Law, which He did by the way, then why didn't He tithe as unto the Law? Hmmmmmmm? Seems we have a bit of a sticky wicket for those who Propose that Income Tithing is meant for each Believer, doesn't it? If our Leader and Saviour didn't tithe, and He gave no commandment for His church to tithe, then why do we tithe? Oh, I remember! To support a BUSINESS! Not Jesus' business, because He has none, but man's Religious Organizational Business Entities we call 'Church.'

If Jesus didn't practice tithing, preach tithing, command tithing or even encourage tithing, then who are we to add a practice for His church without His consent? We are blindly following what a man says behind a pulpit instead of searching the Scriptures to see if what that preacher is saying is supported by Scripture. Most preach that we should, but most do not.

Let's wake up and learn to question what is preached like the Bereans did. If Christ never taught or commanded us to tithe off of our income, then we are NOT obligated to tithe. Psalm 119:165, "Great peace have they which love thy law; and nothing shall offend them." This verse speaks about us loving God's law. If we love God's law, then nothing in that law will offend us. It doesn't say that nothing outside of what is written in the law will not offend us. That being the case, if a believer is offended when I say that Income Tithing is not Scriptural for New Covenant believers, then what they are in essence saying is that they are offended by God's law a.k.a. His Word! Why? Because God's law says nothing about New Covenant believer being commanded to tithe. Nor does it say anything about having an Institutional model for church or pastors deriving a salary from their members.

To learn more on these topics see my posts entitled, 'Should Pastors Be Paid?', 'The Hireling', 'Should Churches Have A Name?', 'When Church Isn't A church Anymore,' and 'Take The Tithe Test.' Those who think they know it all, seldom know much. I hope we find the truth regarding these subjects so that we may be loosed from man's traditions. God bless and thank you for visiting.

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