Monday, April 9, 2012

De jure Versus De facto

 Proverbs 1:10-19, "My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. 11 If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause: 12 Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit: 13 We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil: 14 Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse: 15 My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path: 16 For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood. 17 Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird. 18 And they lay wait for their own blood; they lurk privily for their own lives. 19 So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof."

This piece is a short synopsis on De jure and De facto organizations within the governmental and religious communities and is in no way exhaustive or complete. It will however give us a broad outline of how things really operate in our society. I'll be using some historical references along the way for illustration purposes to help put some statements into perspective. For more detailed information I encourage everyone to watch some You Tube presentations (if they haven't been blacked out by now) called, 'Season Of Treason' ~ Parts 1 thru 3. Glean more about our true history as a nation and it's true infrastructure. What we've been taught as history and what has actually taken place are two very different stories. As a matter of fact, the how's on the way things operate and how they actually do is as different as night and day as well. The reader will have to decide what is fact and what is fiction based on their own common sense. With this in mind, let's begin.

"A de jure government is the lawful, legitimate government of a state and is so recognized by other states. In contrast, a de facto government is in actual possession of authority and control of the state. It has become "legal" in the sense that their own statutes and codes of law imposed upon the people of that state are physically enforced whether the people voted these laws in or not. For example, "a government that has been overthrown and has moved to another state will attain de jure status if other nations refuse to accept the legitimacy of the revolutionary government." The revolutionary de facto government that has performed a coup upon the de jure government is the illegitimate fiat government that has taken over in power.

Here we see the difference between a de jure government and a de facto government. One is the real deal and the latter is a house of cards operating under an assumption. The first is intended by it's founders to benefit all and the other is intended by those who want to take over and control everything to benefit a small few. In short, de jure is good and de facto is bad.

Within the borders of the United States we have two opposing government structures. There are actually two United States. There was The Republic of the united states of America and there is the Corporate United States of America. The Republic united states of America was de jure and the other is de facto. The de facto is, at this time, in possession of authority and control of our nation state. It is fraught with freedom-sucking, liberty-depleting, Constitution-ignoring codes and statutes that were never intended by our founding Fathers.

Most of our nation is unaware of these two structures and do not care about the difference. We are too busy trying to cope with life in general. The status quot has become more important than most anything else. As long as we can go on as always, and not rock the boat, we are satisfied with what comes along. We digest what the Main-Stream Media feeds us and we are not concerned with whatever comes our way as long as it doesn't interfere with our nights in front of the tube to watch American Idol. We are complacent to do nothing about real issues and seldom know what they are. The de facto government has robbed us of our freedoms and in a lot of cases, our senses.

It is suggested through the media what to eat, how to sleep, where to go and what to buy. One third of our television commercials advertise pharmaceuticals that Promise well-being but warn against possible death. Statutes and Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC's) have taken over our Common Law. It is imposed by these codes and statutes that "All crimes are commercial." Any infraction of these codes and statutes are met with a dollar value to be rendered to the court or state. For instance, our old Constitution states that we, as a people, have the Right to Travel using any means of locomotion available. The state de facto government has a Secretary of Transportation Department with numerous Secretary of State offices, which mandates that we must have an Operators License to be able to operate a motor vehicle. The fact is, a license is needed if one is a commercial Driver, however, outside the matrix we live in, an actual license (or permission slip) is not needed to travel. If I want to get in my car, and operate that car to the store to buy some milk, I shouldn't have to show anyone a license. Why? Because I have a guaranteed Right to travel, based upon de jure Common Law (the U.S. Constitution), which used to be in force, but isn't any longer. See point Two in my article, 'A Church In Disguise' labeled, 'Wagging The Dog' for more on how our beloved Constitution dissolved into a mere historical document.

The de facto government says it is a "privilege" to drive a car when the Constitution says we have the Right to travel using any means of locomotion available, which includes a car. A privilege needs permission. A Right needs no permission, for it is granted to us by God. Our Common Law says we have the Right. The de facto statute says we need their permission. What is wrong with this picture? The same thing applies to our Fishing Licenses. The de jure Law says it is our Right to be able to drop our baited hooks in a body of water and catch our dinner. The de facto statute says we need a license. The truth is, a license is required if I were a commercial fisherman. Why? Because if I were to drop my net and drag it in the water, I could deplete the whole lake of most of it's fish.

If we ignore the de facto government's imposed statutes and codes, such as not having a "Drivers or Fishers License," we are kidnapped and thrown in a cell by police who believe they are enforcing the law. One Problem is, what they are enforcing isn't the Law at all! It is a statute made up by the de facto government. They have weapons and vehicles to enforce these statutes and codes, but no real LAW. They even claim "authority," but the authority they claim is a fiat authority. The only way they can back it up is by committing arrests and, in a lot of cases, acts of force and even brutality. Once we are before the "Bench," we are to pay the courts money called fines. Common Law states that we are free to do what we will as long as we do not steal or bring physical harm to someone else or their Property. De facto statutes state that no matter the infraction, there will be a fine attached. Why? Because to them, "All crimes are commercial." If one cannot pay, a jail sentence will be imposed where a bond is issued to gather monies, in your name, to be paid to the court. Another bond is issued for the jail. Another for the Sheriff's Department. If the prisoner is moved to another jail, a new bond is issued to that jail. These bonds range in the thousands of dollars.

Of course, not every policeman or deputy is evil or intends to do the public harm. They are true servants to the public and some of them can be counted as Christians with a testimony of His saving grace. Some are real heroes and life savers and should be commended for their bravery and unselfishness. Not enough can be said for the fine job they do, but sometimes following orders becomes a mantra to the wrong side of law enforcement. Some are power hungry and assume they have an authority to do bodily harm to anyone who stands up for their Rights. Most of these public servants Probably know as much as you do regarding the difference between a de jure and a de facto government, so please do not take this as a slam on all who belong to the police fraternity. I am focusing, in large part on the actual statutes and codes that are induced by those in power.

We see more oppression regarding our taxes. A centralized, privately owned foreign Bank system (The FED) has within it's ranks a collection agency called the I.R.S. Against our Common Law (the Constitution), those who attained authority and control through a de facto government authorized a foreign Bank to take over managing our nation's money. This Bank System charges us a percentage for every dollar that is spent. Today's dollar is simply a negotiable instrument. It's monopoly money which is traded so vastly, and in such great supply, everyone sees it as real money. The truth is, intrinsic money was outlawed by the de facto government back in 1935. Since then our buying power has gone down and our debt has gone up. We live in a debt society using money that is not worth the paper it is printed on.

To remedy this, in 1963 President John F. Kennedy signed into Law Executive Order 11110, stating that we now can have a true dollar in circulation backed by gold and silver. Kennedy was shot because of this, but the Order still stands. The Problem is every President after Kennedy's shooting is either in cahoots with the FED, or just doesn't want to be shot for enforcing the Order. History Proves this to be true. Kennedy had one dollar and five dollar bills printed and circulated, which looked just like the FED's Federal Reserve Notes only it had a few distinctions. One is that it had a red seal on the front where the Fed note had a green one. The other distinction is that it said that it was backed by silver, where the fiat dollar of the FED just say's it is a note. The only reason why our current dollar has any buying power at all is because people still accept it as payment. Why? Because those people do not know the difference between real money and fiat money. All we care about is that it won't change our status quot.

The de facto government has done a terrific job in deceiving our public. Here are some little known facts. Civil and District courts are privately owned and are de facto. You can own your own court as long as you have the funds to back it up, along with weapons, Properties, a staff, and personnel who will swear an oath to shoot those weapons to Protect the court and it's livelihood. But, it would be UN-Constitutional to impose any law which conflicts with the de jure Laws of the U.S. Constitution.

Federal, Circuit, Municipal and District courts are de facto. Judges who are elected are politicians, and hence are not true judges, but magistrates and commissioners. They are also de facto. Anyone appointed or elected (selected) by the U.S. Corporation is de facto. These de facto courts do not recognize 'The united states Constitution' of the Republic rendered invalid in 1861. In fact, they only recognize statutes and codes and their own constitution (1871), which is not recognized as the Common Law. The new constitution is de facto in that it only applies to those who are endowed with a title of nobility such as judge, esquire, sheriff and so on. These are citizens of the Corporation and the Banking Crown located in a one mile square section of London. All those who hold a BAR Card, has the distinction of being a citizen of the Banking Crown. BAR stands for British Accredited Registry, therefore they are registered as citizens to the Banking Crown. In a Common Law de jure Court, the Law is written to lean in favor of the Beneficiary (us). In a Admiralty (de facto court), the court calls out OUR NAME in all CAPITAL LETTERS (this is what is known as, "the Trust"). We don't actually see the name called out, so we don't know that it is called out in all capital letters. But we do hear it, and we respond to it without understanding the implications. Whenever we receive documentation from a court, we'll see OUR NAME rendered in all CAPITAL LETTERS, without exception. We can look at our Operator's License, bills and most other documents for more confirmation on this. Actually, the person they are sending the documentation to is not you, but to the 'Trust.' When we respond, we are assuming the role of it's Trustee.  

The 'Trust' is a dead, documented representation of a corporation with our name attached to it in all capital lettering. It is de facto. The Trust was created by a document called a Birth Certificate. A Birth Certificate document is different from a Certificate of Live Birth. A Certificate of Live Birth is the documentation issued stating that a real, live, breathing, flesh and blood human being was delivered into the world. The Certificate of Live Birth has to be issued first before a Birth Certificate can be issued. A Birth Certificate is issued when the mother (unwittingly mind you) signs a document at the hospital declaring that her child is to be handed over to the state as it's ward if no claim is made on the infant by the mother within 90 days of birth. The mother is unaware that their baby is announced as "Abandoned" in the newspaper for all to see. After 90 days, if no claim is made on that baby, the infant legally becomes a ward of the state, as he is declared an orphan. You as the parent is considered guardians and caretakers only. This is why Child Protective Services can legally take your child away from you. I know this is a bit of a shock to all, but it's true. For those of you who are going through an identity crises right about now, take heart. There is a remedy at hand.

As an adult in court, as soon as we stand to be recognized when our name is called, we are unwittingly acknowledging that we are the Trustee of that de facto, fictitious documented corporate entity, which the de facto state created with our name attached. If your name is Joseph B. Smith, the court will instead call out, "JOSEPH B. SMITH." When we answer to the calling out of this all capital letter name, we acknowledge that we are responsible for any fines and damages incurred in the de facto "Trust's" name. Once this acknowledgment is made, the Beneficiary status we once held as the true living, flesh and blood, air breathing created being of the Almighty is forfeited and transferred to the magistrate. Now, the judge (magistrate) has become the Beneficiary, and he did it all with our consent.

All monies gathered in this case will be paid to the Beneficiary or 'the Bench.' Our chances of winning a case is rendered null and void. Most people just want to pay the fine and get out of there because they are either afraid, unfamiliar with what is truly happening, or they just want the inconvenience to go away. Again, all monies will be awarded to the court because all crimes are deemed commercial in their eyes. "Commercial" means that whatever "crime" is committed, a dollar amount is attached to it, which is paid to the Beneficiary. When the magistrate (judge) becomes the Beneficiary by our 'consent' (by us acknowledging our status as the Trustee to the Trust when they call our name), we gave them permission to rob us blind. Another term this Procedure is known by is called, "Harvesting." This is the key. The remedy is simply this: if we do not give them the consent to harvest us, we would never be charged a fine. In fact, any monies derived from the case at hand would be paid directly to us. What we want to do is to capture the 'Trust' from the judge (magistrate) by appointing him as 'Trustee.'

If one finds himself called to a district, municipal or circuit court and your name is called, tell the magistrate that you do not go by that name. For all intents and purposes, they can call you, let's say, "Bob." Also, at this time it is important to instruct the magistrate (judge) that he/she is 'appointed' by you to be the Trustee in this matter. This is vital because the Trustee is the one who pays any fines and damages. I'll break this down into simple terms. There are three 'Hats' that are worn in a court. The Trustee is the one responsible for payment. The Beneficiary is the one who the Trustee pays, and the Executor is the one who has control over the "Trust." Once more, the 'Trust' is the negotiable instrument that is literally on the Bench. The 'Trust' is most valuable in court because it has debt bonds attached to it. In other words, the 'Trust' is the documents with your name on it in all capital letters. It is commonly known as 'the Strawman.' The bonds for this 'Trust' amount to sizable funds. The Executor (a.k.a. the Prosecuting attorney) brings the 'Trust' into the courtroom, and the Bailiff hands the 'Trust' over to the magistrate (a.k.a. the politically elected judge) on the Bench, a.k.a. 'the Bank.' In a courtroom setting, the Prosecuting attorney is the one who is appointed by the court as being the Executor. He brings the 'Trust' into the court with charges against the same. Again, the 'Trust' is a paper defendant, or a Strawman. Basically, the Strawman is used as the trigger to get the defendant (you, as the 'Trustee') to pay the fine and to start getting the Process going to have monetary bonds issued. It's a big scam enforced by extortion.

After you appoint the magistrate as the Trustee, the magistrate will object right away and say that you can't do that. Be polite and say, "I'm sorry Sir, but I have already appointed you as Trustee, so therefore you ARE appointed as Trustee." The reason why you want to say it three times is to get it on record so it cannot be disputed. At this point, you have retained Beneficiary status, and now you also have in your possession the status of Executor, which controls the Trust (or Strawman you). In essence, you are now wearing two of the three 'Hats.' Also, follow up by saying, "And all monies generated in this case is to be paid to me immediately." Without saying this, you forfeit any money that is due you. When they ask who they should make the check out to, just ask the newly appointed Trustee to make it out to CASH. They can put the case number in the memo section of the check for their own records. Generally, the Prosecuting attorney will make out the check from his own personal checking account, because the magistrate who you appointed as your Trustee will appoint the Prosecuting attorney as the court's Trustee. This ensures that the magistrate doesn't have to pay a thing. In other words, during this Process, it is the Prosecuting attorney who gets 'Harvested' instead of you. Another possibility is, once you've appointed the magistrate as Trustee, the former Executor (Prosecuting attorney), will drop all charges (if he or she is smart). If he/she remains belligerent and decides not to withdraw the charges, he'll be stuck paying thousands of his own dollars to you. And, to make matters worse for him, he'll have to pay the same amount to the 'Bench.' Why? Because the judge isn't going to be denied his 'cut.'

It is a little known fact to the public at large (but VERY well understood within the intimate workings of a courthouse) that the Prosecuting attorney is obliged to bring his checkbook to every court hearing because he is the one who first brings the charges against you as the 'Executor.' Bringing their checkbook into court applies to the magistrate (judge) as well, but they seldom have to write checks to the Beneficiary because of the power they wield. If the Prosecuting attorney refuses to pay, the judge can have the Prosecuting attorney disbarred and even thrown in jail. Why? Because the 'Trustee' is the one who is supposed to pay. He either pays the fine or he loses his career. It's a 'Dog eat Dog' world they live in. Just like we would appoint the judge 'Trustee,' the judge appoints the Prosecuting attorney as 'Trustee.' When the Beneficiary (defendant, a.k.a. you) claims payment, the magistrate isn't going to give up their "fair share" of the fine. Why? Because that money goes into his/her retirement fund. After the Beneficiary (you) leaves, the magistrate appoints the Prosecuting attorney the court's Trustee. This means that the Prosecutor has to pay them the same amount of money he had to pay to you.

Another important thing to know is that the court has their own language and they use it to their advantage. Here is where you can use their language to your advantage. Whenever the magistrate says to you, "Do you understand?" Say, "No, I don't. But, I Over-stand you." In their court language, this means that you stand OVER the Bench (judge). What you're stating is that you're not subject UNDER him/her and you do not consent to their mandates, statutes, codes or court Proceedings. Nor do you recognize him/her as a legitimate judge. The reason for this is that the court system they are operating within is an unlawful Admiralty court. It's simply a private business with guns and staff to police their own interests. After the magistrate tries to intimidate you with threats of contempt, just  politely say, "I'm sorry Sir, but I have already stated that I do not understand, but I do OVER stand, so therefore, I Over-stand." Now it's on record and cannot be disputed.

Here are some other little known facts. One can purchase a Jail and own it privately. The BAR for an attorney is a membership in a club. The BAR stands for British Accredited Registry. It is, in fact a Attorney's Guild (a Club with members). No attorney in this country is state licensed to practice law. Their so-called license is approved and issued by the BAR, a foreign entity. The 'Bench' in a courtroom is also called, "the Bank," because any monies that come in from the bonds are split between the officers of the court into their retirement funds. The court's domain is the area of the courtroom, from the 'Bench' back towards the gate, which separates that area from the gallery (where the common people sit). Once we step into this area before the 'Bench,' we are on their turf.

Okay; just to re-cap. The Prosecuting attorney is the one who brings the case into the courtroom and is known as 'the Executor.' The judge is 'the Trustee' (at first) until we relinquish our status as Beneficiary to the magistrate by answering their call. That's why it is never wise to answer and say you are the person they called, because once we do, we just gave our Beneficiary status to the magistrate. Up until then, we are the 'Beneficiaries.' What we want to do is appoint the magistrate as Trustee right away so that it is established who the Beneficiary is and who controls the 'Trust.' If we establish who the Trustee is by appointment, then we become the Executor as well as the Beneficiary who will receive all damages from the newly appointed Trustee, which will be appointed by the magistrate. Who will he/she appoint? The Prosecuting attorney, who is no longer the Executor and is no longer in control of the Trust. But remember; to collect the funds, you must declare that any monies derived from this matter are to be paid directly to you immediately. If you don't state this by claiming it, you don't get paid. I mean, the 'Trustee' isn't going to offer you thousands of dollars from his own account willingly, is he?

Again, the 'Trust' is the de facto 'you' a.k.a the "Strawman," which has our names spelled in all capital letters as on our Operators Licenses. The judge is in possession of the 'Trust' (the paper you) on their bench. When they call that capital lettered name and we respond, the status of being the Beneficiary has just been transferred over to the Trustee (the judge). Now the judge is the Beneficiary who holds the Trust, who used to be the Trustee. All of a sudden all the benefits are in control of the judge, and you become the Trustee, which means that you have to pay all damages and fines. Isn't it wonderful how a de facto court works? Whats more, at he beginning of a case, the court appointed Executor (Prosecuting attorney) and the Trustee (judge) must bring their own checkbooks into the courtroom for each case because if they are Proven wrong, they must pay the Beneficiary the amount owed (as long as the Beneficiary claims payment). This is why the magistrate wants us to forfeit our Beneficiary status to them. Don't give them that chance. We have the power to beat them at their own game. And lastly, the person running the court is, not the judge as most would assume, but the Court Clerk! But that's another story.

*Here are some important things to consider: If one is guilty of theft, murder, rape, spousal abuse, child abuse and other atrocities, this will not work for you. This is not a remedy to get you off the hook concerning criminal offenses. This only applies to general civil disputes, matters like traffic and parking tickets, license and insurance issues, and other minor infractions where no harm has been done to others or their Property. Also, I am not giving legal advise as an attorney. I'm just imparting general information, which all should know as common knowledge. Although no attorney I know of would divulge any such information as this could greatly decrease significant amounts of income toward his or her livelihood, this information is a matter of public record and is accessible to all. It's one of those things that fall into the category of 'Things they don't want you to know.' Funny how they've been doing this to us for years, but now that the tables are turned, I'm sure they're not going to like that they are exposed.

A word about titles of nobility. All those who possess titles prior to being given positions in official capacities are de facto. If one has a 'Title of Nobility' such as Sheriff, Esquire, Judge, etc, he or she is disqualified and forbidden from holding any official office of trust, including President of these united states of America according to the original Thirteenth Amendment. Article 13 states, "If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them." Too bad the original 13th Amendment doesn't apply to today's Corporate United States.

This original 13th article of Amendment, ratified in 1819 and which just "disappeared" in 1861, added an enforceable strict penalty, i.e., inability to hold office and loss of citizenship, for violators of the already existing Constitutional Prohibition in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 on titles of nobility and other conflicts of citizenship interest, such as accepting emoluments of any kind for services or favors rendered or to be rendered, and is particularly applicable today in the 21st Century as government is increasingly FOR SALE to the highest bidder, as foreign and multinational corporations and individuals compete to line the pockets of politicians and political parties to accommodate and purchase protection or privilege, i.e., honors, for their special interests. The original 13th Amendment would have outlawed BAR Membership (attorneys) and other Titles of Nobility. Just imagine, a government without attorneys! (Let us linger with that thought!) Oh the bliss! The Amendment was suppressed and supplanted by another Amendment, and one could go online and find a copy of the original 13th Amendment to see the truth for themselves. Other good sources of information on these subjects can be found at The old Constitution was rendered useless in 1861 because of the fact that Congress walked out, thereby making null and void our government. This is why it doesn't apply to today's Corporate United States. See my post entitled, 'A Church In Disguise' for more on this.

Our nation has been so 'dumbed-down' (not to mentioned misled and lied to) that most don't even care to know the difference. There is even an actual re-occurrence of a similar nature taking place today. Our current President is accused of not being a natural born citizen. He has no genuine U.S. birth certificate and possesses a 'lifted' social security card. His name isn't even his given name. In other words, he's a fraud. But you know what? It doesn't matter. He's the president of a corporate business entity. His bosses can hire whoever they want no matter where he is born. Why? Because our old lawful de jure Constitution, which backed our old Republic has long since been dead. The Corporation replaced it with a new constitution loaded with amendments that were never ratified (i.e., new 13th, 14th and 16th). Today, the old Amendments do not apply anymore than the old Constitution applies in an Admiralty court system. All that I have revealed can be searched out and confirmed by legitimate sources. I ask that you do your own research and investigation. To some of you, this information must sound shocking; even unbelievable, but I wrote this to be a comparison to be looked at in light of our current fiat, de facto 'Church' System we have available today.

The de facto 'Church' is commonly known as, "Traditional 'Church.'" In fact, it is nothing more than an Institutional Business Entity 'Church.' It has it's buildings, Professional de facto pastors, Programs and payrolls. They also have their own rules, which are their own statues and codes known as the traditions of men. These traditions are imposed on it's members just as the statutes and codes from our de facto government are imposed on our citizens on the street. The only difference is, instead of enforcing these traditions with real guns and prison bars, they are enforced with a second hand threat. They falsely teach that God would punish them and would be labeled as "God Robbers." Who wants that on their conscious?

Tithing had become a scourge to the 'Church,' and a source of revenue to the clergy. (Please see other posts in this blog to see what the tithe in the Bible really is and what it was for). Although the de facto 'Church' leaders claim to be following the wishes of their Creator, they ignore the actual commands and teachings of said Creator. Nowhere does our Creator demand a tithe from anyone in His church. These 'Church' leaders twist the Law of Moses, which was intended for the people of Israel alone. The clergy are the magistrates of the 'Church' and wield their power from the pulpit. They are the ones who are in possession of authority and control, but it is de facto. They super-imposed the tithing statute upon the church, stating that God commanded it. Once this happened, the de jure church became a de facto 'Church.' The strange thing is, the people willingly conform to the false statute as the man on the river bank complies with the de facto law that says we need a fishing license. In other words, we consent to it by joining an Institutional 'Church.' Even our identities are changed. We now become "members" of an Organizational Corporation. We unwittingly become it's Trustees!

Here are some more de facto traditions: 1. The altar call. The altar in the Bible is a place where a blood sacrifice was made, not steps to a platform stage. 2. Raising our hands to confess a sin to a man. That is to be done in private and to Jesus alone. 3. The Lord's Supper of just crackers and juice and not as a full meal as was done in the New Testament. 4. Observing Easter Sunday to celebrate Christ's Resurrection. Easter came after Resurrection Day, which was during the Feasts of Unleavened Bread - Acts 12:1-4. 5. Having to be a tither in order to become a Deacon. No such requirement exists in Scripture. 6. Jesus being born in a stable or a cave when he clearly was born in a home most likely belonging to a member of Joseph's family. 7. The Inn referred to in the traditional Christmas story was not a commercial lodge, but a home which had a stable attached on one side and a separate room called an inn with a separate entrance on the other. 8. Mary giving birth the same night they arrived in Bethlehem when Scripture shows clearly that she was there 'days' before she delivered - Luke 2:6. (Also see blog post, 'Was The Inn in Bethlehem A Hotel?'). 9. Laying in store tithes and offerings every week as a perpetual duty, when the Bible explains the laying in store on the first of the week was only a one time request until Paul showed up to take the offerings to the saints in Judea in relief of a famine. 10. People laid in store in their own house and not a church building. 11. The saints met in homes, gardens, seashores, the market, the temple courtyard, and river banks, not 'Church' buildings. 12. And lastly, New Testament Tithing for the average 'Church' member to support a building and it's pastor, when the pastor is capable of earning a living on the local economy because he is stationary. (See the post entitled, 'Should Pastors Be Paid?' for a comprehensive explanation). This is also considered a de facto tradition imposed upon the Main-Stream 'Church' member.

In jolly Old England, centuries ago, the clergy never called collecting money from their body a tithe. Instead, they outright called them, "taxes." When the Puritans came to America they changed the name from 'taxes' to "Assessments." It wasn't until the Bill of Rights came about that the name changed again to the 'Tithe.' Why? Because taxing one's parish became illegal. This was the crux of what we know as the separation of 'Church' and State and 'No Taxation Without Representation.' The separation of 'Church' and state is a misleading term. The "State," of which I speak, was the local government, which was run, by and large by the local 'Church.' Once the tithe was reformulated from giving a tenth of crops and livestock from Israeli landowners within the borders of Israel to giving up a tenth of one's income to support the 'Church,' her expenses and it's personnel, the clergy couldn't enforce this new demand physically as in days of old, so they concocted a strategy that intimidated the people through the wresting of Scripture. They Promised the parish that if they did not tithe, God would punish them with a curse. It's been working that way ever since. The worst part is, they put God's seal of approval on this to get them off the hook! They would piously say, "It doesn't mater to me if you don't tithe, but God says right here that if one doesn't tithe, they will have a curse placed upon them." The kicker is, the Lord never endorsed, enforced or approved this swindle. The tithe had specific requirements attached to it, of which we here in the western world have no place. What's more, the tithe has been dis-annulled since Christ died upon the cross. We can thank the traditions of men for reviving a new brand of tithe. This tradition preyed on the gullible 'Church' member and it's leaders for centuries. And we actually buy into it!

The 'Church' people of today have become just as complacent as those mentioned in our civil scenario above. The average 'Church'-goer believes that this de facto 'Church' is legitimate, while the real de jure church of Jesus Christ is either ignored or criticized. Where is His true de jure church? It is the Home-based model, which requires no such tithe to maintain and accommodate our body of believers. We are both physical and local. This is how Christ formed His church, and true to His Word, the gates of Hell have not prevailed against us. There are even de facto Bibles out there, which pervert the true, de jure Word of God. These perversions are earnestly defended by those who seem to have it all together and have several degrees behind their names. But, when we compare the de jure Bible with the de facto "bible," we see a vast difference between them. It's the same when we read the true de jure Common Law, the Republic's u.s. Constitution, and compare it to the statutes, codes and compiled laws of a de facto government.

In today's court of public opinion, the average person believes the lies of Organized Religion as much as the average Joe on the street believes that there is no difference between a de facto judge and a de jure Judge; a de facto court and a de jure court; a de facto law and a de jure Law; a de facto currency and a de jure currency. We live in a house of cards matrix, which would fold if only enough people are awakened from their deep dream-state and realize that their God never intended to have us live in an imposed de facto society of a 'Church' system and a de facto civil system. It's high time we woke up and reject all that is de facto and grab hold of all that is de jure! We may not always be able to fight the de facto government, because of it's tyrannical practices, but we can win against the de facto 'Church.'


  1. Excellent article...Great connection to the church also.

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