Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome to ChurchPros

First Ever Post:

The purpose of ChurchPros is to offer helps in the form of messages to those interested in following the Lord Jesus Christ's true definition of an ekklesia and what it means to be free and unencumbered from the many headed monster of organized Christianity. What I mean by many-headed monster is that the thing we call 'Church' in our time is vastly different than what Jesus started during His ministry. This many-headed 'thing' we call 'Church' has morphed into an enterprise for gain. As a Christian Believer, I feel led to expose the fraudulent nature of what 'Church' has become. I am concerned for Christians who earnestly want to follow Christ as He intended us to follow Him. I am concerned about the misleading 'Church' merry-go-round so many of us have been on most of our lives, whether our involvement has been rooted in a Christian Cult or a Christian Fundamental atmosphere. Satan is a counterfeiter. He counterfeits not only Christians and their beliefs but the Fellowship of local Believers. I will attempt to expose Satan's Promotion and misuse of the doctrines of Tithing, Pastoral Authority and the local 'Church' and show how he has steered honest, God loving believers away from the true model Jesus Christ created for His children. I will also endeavor to post thought Provoking lessons and messages on how we can follow the Lord's simple guidelines to be fully happy and at peace with His form of fellowship without incurring a life-long state of slavery to giving our livelihoods to the thing we call 'Church.' As I continue to build this blog I will attempt to Provide links to other sources to lead us onto the right path and hopefully steer us toward Christ and the fellowship He wanted for us all along.

The term ChurchPros is a title I thought would initially convey what 'Pros' organized 'Church' has to offer. There are a lot of Pros, which will be addressed, to give us an idea of what I mean, I will list for you some of these Pros. I will later define and write about what I have discovered regarding them so that we might have our inner light-switches 'flick on' and arrive at a real "Ah-HA!" moment.

Some of the ChurchPro's soon to be addressed are the 'Church' Process, 'Church' Problems, 'Church' Professionals, 'Church' Promotions, 'Church' Promoters, 'Church' Professing, 'Church' Progress, 'Church' Properties, 'Church' Programs, 'Church' Proceeds, 'Church' Procedures, 'Church' Prodigies, 'Church' Profanity, 'Church' Projects, 'Church' Prophecy, 'Church' Provisions, 'Church' Proselytes, 'Church' Prospects, 'Church' Propitiation, 'Church' Prosperity, 'Church' Proverbs, 'Church' Provoking, 'Church' Prodding, 'Church' Protestants, 'Church' Proselyting, 'Church' Prowling, 'Church' Protesting, 'Church' Prophets, 'Church' Prophetesses, and even 'Church' Prostitutes. These thirty 'Church' 'Pros' will no doubt be topics for some interesting & lively observations and conversations.

As you will see, if we haven't caught on already, when I use the designated capital 'C' when I spell 'Church,' I will be referring to the Man-Made, Institutional, Business, Main-Stream 'Church' System of today. When I render the word church in all lower case, I am referring to Christ's Authentic, Home Based assemblies. The former is not Christ's model for His church. It is a facsimile. Satan loves to counterfeit anything that is of Christ.

Be it known that I am in no way angry with anyone who attends an Institutional style of 'Church.' My objection is toward man's use of God's Word to accomplish man's agenda by falsely (intentionally or not) teaching and preaching that clergy is meant as a Profession and that receiving income tithes are the means to meet a payroll and Provide for the facility and faculty. I will show that this train of thought is unsubstantiated in Scripture (King James Bible).

My intent is to give food for thought regarding what a 'Churched' member may not know about the nature of the 'Church' he or she has given their allegiance to. If one chooses to give allegiance to a 'thing' called 'Church,' that is their business and I have no say-so in determining their free will. But, if the believer wants to give their allegiance to Christ alone, then I hope this blog will assist in pointing them in the right direction. If you are a Christian, but find some of what you read in this blog offensive, I ask that you are reminded of Psalm 119:165, "Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them."

May God continue to bless you, and thank you for visiting ChurchPros.

Brother Bobby