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Top Seven Reasons Why We Shouldn't Tithe

Romans 7:6, "But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter." 

Note: When the author renders the word 'Church' as shown, he is referring the reader to Man's Main-Stream, Business Entity, Institutional 'Church' System we are all familiar with today. When he renders the word church in all lower case letters, he is referring to Christ's Authentic, Legitimate Home Based church, which He continues to build.

We hear from the pulpits of America that we should tithe faithfully. I've even heard a fundamental preacher on TV say that, "Tithing is an Unwritten law that we should obey!" That's news to me because Romans 7:6 tells us that we are delivered from the law. It also tells us that we should serve in newness of spirit and NOT in the oldness of the letter. Tithing was an Old Testament law, for Old Testament Israeli landowners. I'd like to submit the Top Seven Reasons Why We Shouldn't Tithe.

Number 7: The Hebrew Ceremonial Mosaic law on tithing was meant for the nation of Israel. No where in Scripture does it teach that we, in the gentile world, should tithe unto the LORD God of Israel. Transposition doesn't apply from the O.T. law to the New Covenant Christian.

Number 6: We are NOT landowners in Israel. One of the requirements for being allowed to tithe was that one must own land in Israel. We cannot even own land here in America! The Federal Reserve Banks own all the land here. Congress passed legislation such as the 'Buck Act,' the 'Trading With the Enemies Act,' 'House Joint Resolution 192' (HJR 192), and other related laws in the 1930's, which caused us to pay our National Debt with everything we have. And, I mean EVERYTHING! Back then, the Foreign Centralized Federal Banking System called our Government on its 'Loan.' We had to surrender all assets (land included) to them. They took all the gold, silver, land and real estate. All of that still didn't meet the payoff on the interest (let alone the principle), so 'the Bank' seized every American person, then, now and in the future as collateral. 

If one takes a very close look, we'd find that Black's Law Dictionary, has redefined the word 'person' has been as being a "subject." Just as the Queen of England has her subjects, we have become subject to the British Banking Crown. That's why the 14th Amendment is worded that a person (or persons) are subject to...." We've delved into a debt-based, fiat monetary system that has choked us as a nation ever since. As a nation, we haven't had real, intrinsic money since 1935! The last drop of silver was eliminated from our currency in the 70's under Nixon. This is why we see that little copper rim around our dimes and quarters. 

What's more, if one thinks they own their Property, think again! If one doesn't pay their Property tax on the land we 'rent' from the 'Bank,' it is seized by the government, which is bound by what this foreign bank system dictates. There is no real ownership of land by ordinary citizens in the USA. The fact that we don't own land (let alone in Israel) disqualifies us from the practice of tithing. The Hebrew Ceremonial Mosaic law on tithing must be administered within Israel's borders. Americans can't just claim this law as their own and try to observe it without the Proper say-so from God.

Number 5: The 'revived' law on tithing is imposed on modern day Christians by the 'Clergy.' No authority is given to this made-up class of "Christian" in the 'Church' by God Himself. Nor is it granted by any of the apostles. It is imposed upon the average 'Church'-goer to pay for the Properties, Programs and Professionals within the Institutional 'Church' system.

Number 4: The tithe didn't happen year round. The tithe was used to celebrate God's blessings on the land of Israel twice a year during the harvest months. There was a harvest in the Spring called the Winter Wheat & Barley Harvest, and then there was the major Summer/Fall Harvest for most everything else. Actually, the tithe wasn't always the same. In the Spring, not only did they observe the Winter Wheat and barley Harvest, but also the Levitical Tithe for livestock. There were three major classifications of tithing. There was the Levitical Tithe (livestock), the Festival Tithe (Produce or livestock the first, second, forth and fifth years of the 'tithe cycle) and the Third Year Tithe, which was given wholely to the Levite, widow, orphan and stranger every third and sixth years. People today take their pastor's teachings and superimpose their income for the Israeli's Produce/Firstlings and tithe off that year around. This is flawed doctrine. The tithe was consumed as food at the Harvest Celebrations a few times a year, and for specific purposes directed towards very different groups of people. What's more, on the seventh year of the tithe cycle, there was no tithe! If we in America adhere to the Mosaic law on tithing, then why don't we observe that?

Number 3: The tithe was never money to be put in an offering plate. As reason Number 4 already points out, the tithe was food to be consumed before the LORD. Money was widely used in those days, but the only time money was used for the tithe was when the size of the tithed Produced was too big to be transported to another agricultural community for the celebratory feast. The tither would exchange the tithe into money to be easily carried to the community selected by the LORD and exchange it back for whatever he desired to be consumed there during the celebration with his family and those God chose to receive the tithes.

Number 2: When we tithe unto the law we are cursed with a curse. As Romans 7:6 already points out, we are not under the law. As a matter of fact, we as Christians were never under the Ceremonial or Judicial (Civil) laws of Moses, including the law of tithing. The only portion of the law that applies to every man are the Moral portions. That would be the "Thall Shalt Not Laws." The other two classification of the Mosaic Law were the Ceremonial laws (which include marriage, divorce, customs and tithing) and the Judicial Laws (which apply to Israel only, just as American laws only apply to citizens of the U.S.). No matter how we slice it, God stipulates that we should serve in NEWNESS of spirit and NOT in the OLDNESS of the letter (of the law). Why copy a law that never applied to us to begin with unless it were a moral obligation? Tithing was never considered a part of Israel's Moral law. It was an ordinance from the Ceremonial code of the Mosaic Law.

Galatians 3:10, "For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them."
Galatians 3:13, "Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:" 

According to these verses, we can clearly see that we are cursed if we try to live the law and not do ALL THINGS as COMMANDED by the law. But, the good news is that according to verse 13 Christ redeemed the Israelite from the curse of the law (including tithing) because He was made a curse for them and us. When we say that God commands every believer to tithe after Jesus fulfilled the Law in every respect, is to put words in God's mouth.

And the Number 1 reason why we shouldn't tithe is: It is a SLAP in Jesus' FACE! When we try to live, even a portion of the Ceremonial or Civil law not meant for us (even tithing our money), we are slapping Jesus in His Holy face. Why? Because, by that very action, we are saying that His effort on the cross needed our help to fulfill and complete the Law. Not only that, but we are adding to the law by saying that God commanded us to tithe when He clearly DID NOT! We added to the law. We changed the law. We lie when we say God commanded it of us. We have Transgressed His law because we have tried to apply it to us erroneously in spirit and in it's execution. Again, the only portion of the Mosaic law that applies to Christians is the 'Moral' portion of the law. The Judicial and Ceremonial portions do not apply. Tithing is a part of the Ceremonial laws.

As we have already seen, the law on tithing has no Scriptural support towards New Covenant believers, nor did Jesus practice tithing Himself. Please 'Take The Tithe Test' located in the Post Lists to the left and spend five minutes to see where your knowledge lies regarding what God says about the tithe. You'll be glad you did. God's Blessings!

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